Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MVP Summit 2008

MVP Summit

I had the opportunity this year to attend my first Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, WA. This was not my first visit to Microsoft, but it was a great experience. If you are not a Microsoft MVP, you can find out more information here about the program.

I was delighted to see several folks who I have known from the South Central District Dave McKinstry, Peter Debetta, Cory Smith and more. I also got a chance to put a face with a name for people I have interacted with over the years like David Walker who runs the Tulsa Tech Fest. I ran into Brad Abrams who keynoted devLink 2007 and Jeffrey Richter who was keynote for Tech Expo 2006, both great guys. I finally had a chance to thank Kathleen Dollard for coming to devLink 2007, last year. What I enjoyed most was meeting tons of new folks who are passionate about technology and the community. I know I am not going to mention them all, but a few quick mentions are Charlie Calvert, Ian Griffiths, Bill Wagner, Jim Wooley and Miguel Castro. Some of these folks I am hoping to get to devLink in 2008.

So what about the Summit? Well I can sum it up in one word, Input! It was good to see Microsoft so open to the thoughts and opinions of those in the industry. Well, I need to get back to devLink so enough blogging.

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